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This is a podcast brought to you by the Archdiocese of Regina where we attempt to navigate this winding road of faith in Jesus Christ so that we might know him more intimately, love him more profoundly and together serve him more deeply in our daily lives.

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Dec 19, 2023

Archbishop Don Bolen joins the podcast for a special pre-Christmas episode of Thinking Faith. We'll discuss Pope Francis' new book on the Nativity, Bishop Don's nativity collection, and the impact of the Incarnation on our broken world.

Show Snippet: "The incarnation is ultimately not a book and it's not a word spoken in writing, it's spoken in flesh. And so, incarnational faithfulness, in the first instance, is not a verbal witness, but a presence, a walking with, and that's probably what people will value and appreciate, because I think people in grief, people in time of loss and time of deep suffering, often find words that used to be meaningful crashing against the hard waves or wall of suffering and of brokenness and the words lie flat on the ground whereas your presence, you're showing up, matters."