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This is a podcast brought to you by the Archdiocese of Regina where we attempt to navigate this winding road of faith in Jesus Christ so that we might know him more intimately, love him more profoundly and together serve him more deeply in our daily lives.

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Jul 19, 2022

This week we begin a special Summer Masterclass on the Eucharist featuring a series of talks previously delivered by Dr. Brett Salkeld for the Archdiocese of San Francisco. This week's episode will examine the Eucharist as a meal.

Show Snippet: "It tells us a lot about why the Bible is so obsessed with food. I mean the people who were writing the Bible were people who were often living on the edge of not being able to eat. They were often poor people...and so, if you want to tell a story about Paradise, there's food you can grab off every tree. If you want to tell a story about God's Reign, its choice meats and well-aged wines."