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This is a podcast brought to you by the Archdiocese of Regina where we attempt to navigate this winding road of faith in Jesus Christ so that we might know him more intimately, love him more profoundly and together serve him more deeply in our daily lives.

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Oct 24, 2023

In this part one of two episodes, Dr. Brett Salkeld and returning guest, Brett Fawcett sit down to discuss the implications Bonavanture's examination of the arts and theology might have on Catholic education.

Show Snippet: "So the first day is, for him, he calls it the superior light. He points out, okay, you think about the days of creation, all the days would need light to work. So in one sense, when God creates light on the first day, the first day is therefore informing all the other days that come after it. So therefore, analogously, the superior light, the first light, is theology. It's sacred scripture. It also informs all the other arts that come after it. All the other sciences that come after it. In some sense, they're, they're, again, they're autonomous, but the light that they have comes from theology from scripture."