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This is a podcast brought to you by the Archdiocese of Regina where we attempt to navigate this winding road of faith in Jesus Christ so that we might know him more intimately, love him more profoundly and together serve him more deeply in our daily lives.

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Feb 21, 2023

What does the Church teach about the use of CRISPR gene editing technology and other advances in biotechnology? In this part 1 of 2, Dr. Brett Salkeld opens a conversation with Sr. Zoe Bernatsky, professor of Moral, Spiritual, and Pastoral Theology at Newman Theological College in Edmonton, Alberta.

Show Snippet: "It's relatively straightforward to change a single gene, and if you've ever watched someone suffer with Huntington's, you would say, "I can, I can stop that by changing a single gene? I will take it. Thank you." It's a good example because it's a straightforward one (but) There's lots of other potential things that might be done that are much more complex when there's more than one gene, and then the question of unintended consequences starts to compound."