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This is a podcast brought to you by the Archdiocese of Regina where we attempt to navigate this winding road of faith in Jesus Christ so that we might know him more intimately, love him more profoundly and together serve him more deeply in our daily lives.

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Feb 9, 2021

Deacon Eric and Dr. Brett Salkeld continue to wrestle with the morality of vaccinations in this part 2 of 2, digging deeper into the categories and arguments prevalent in recent weeks. Warning: These episodes may cause irritation and inflammation at the injection site, and a closer alignment with the consistent...

Feb 2, 2021

As vaccines begin to roll out promising protection from COVID-19 and a slow return to normal life, there remain some questions regarding the morality of some vaccines which may have connections with ethically questionable cell-lines. Deacon Eric and Dr. Brett navigate the waters in this two-part look at the morality...

Jan 14, 2020

As Dr. Brett's #populationisnottheproblem revolution continues, we discuss the issue of waste in the production industry, its ramifications for the care of persons in need and the kinds of changes in attitudes and behaviors that could ensure access to material needs for all, this week on Thinking Faith!

Nov 5, 2019

Election day saw every one of us cooperating with evil in one way or another. What exactly do the Church and moral theology have to say about such a situation and how does this apply in our daily lives beyond election years? Deacon Eric and Dr. Brett spend some time defining terms, discussing options, and asking...

Oct 22, 2019

In our fourth and final chat with Dr. Charles Camosy of Fordham University, we examine issues of ecology, ethical farming, poverty, and government-sanctioned violence. How does our #throwawayculture infect each of these areas and can a consistent life ethic provide a holistic antidote?  The doctor is in, this week on...